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Crafting a New Way to Drink!

In the world of classic cocktails, JustMyx is changing the game. Picture two college students, weary of the old routine of pouring hard liquors. They longed for a more delightful way to savor their favorite libations.

An Unforgettable Memory in Mexico

Their quest for a better way led them back to a Mexican memory of divine Mojitos, sipped one after the other. But reality intervened – Mexico couldn't be their forever home, and crafting a perfect Mojito on a whim was no small feat.

two guys drinking a cocktail in Mexico
two guys drinking a cocktail in Mexico
After tons of R&D
(research & drinking)

Determined to find a solution, they dove into relentless R&D (yes, research & drinking) and had an epiphany: liquid concentrates. The key to savoring classic cocktails with ease.

Crafting a New Way to Drink!

With unwavering dedication, our founders collaborated with bartenders and cocktail scientists to craft three extraordinary classic cocktail flavors. We invite you to savor the essence of your favorite classics effortlessly.